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Distributed Fiber Sensing Systems(DVS/DAS)
Distributed optical fiber sensing technology is a new sensing technology, which directly uses monitoring optical cables laid in the same trench as sensors. It fully utilizes the characteristics of continuous spatial distribution of optical fibers, combining "transmission" and "sensing", and can achieve the distribution of physical parameter information at any point along the optical fiber. 
It has the advantages of rich measurement information, accurate positioning, and intrinsic safety. Moreover, optical fiber sensing technology uses optical waves as the carrier and optical fibers as the medium. Compared with traditional electrical sensors, optical fiber sensors have advantages such as high measurement accuracy, anti electromagnetic interference, intrinsic safety, small and flexible, and are suitable for remote transmission. They are particularly suitable for applications in the fields of electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, transportation, bridges, dams, and other fields. Laying the detection optical cable in the same trench or in parallel along the pipeline can obtain real-time temperature, strain, vibration (sound) information at any point along the pipeline, and achieve real-time monitoring of abnormal conditions such as leakage, drilling, oil theft, and geological disasters along the pipeline. It has the advantages of long measurement distance, continuous distributed measurement, accurate positioning, simple installation, safety, reliability, and strong scalability, and will not cause any damage to the pipeline or affect its normal production, Especially suitable for online monitoring applications of long-distance natural gas pipelines.
The acousto-optic modulator is an optoelectronic product that uses the principle of acousto-optic interaction to perform amplitude modulation and frequency shift processing on the laser. The wavelength ranges from 300nm to 2000nm. It adopts a metal shell design, a compact structure and good sealing effect. The innovative packaging technology ensures high Reliability and temperature stability.







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